sex and the Ancient Greeks

October 29, 2010

A) Building from mythology unique to your community (geographic, ethnic, or cultural), develop an argument about a social or political issue that concerns you — e.g., explaining feminism through references to Pele, or describing the problems on Wall Street through the image of alligators in the sewers.

One of the major problems that I believe this society has is its’ outlook towards woman. There’s this contradiction, a double-edged sword if you will, that a guy can do something, but a girl can’t. I often see this when it comes to sex. The more girls a guy can get, the “cooler” he seems and his image amongst his peers is greater. But with the girl, however, it’s the opposite. The more guys a girl sleeps with, the more of a “slut” she becomes. It’s interesting to see how although many girls are part of this stereotype, they seem to support it and encourage it, calling other girls “sluts” and giving in to these unruly guys’ desires.
When a girl chooses to be sexually active out of her own free will, this shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. The Ancient Greeks were very fond of their sexuality and having sex was a positive thing. The Ancient Greeks felt that they should be free with their sexuality, that’s why you see all the sculptures of naked men and woman and the eclectic myths on sex. One of the most popular goddess was Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and of course, sex. People used to pray to her so she can help them out in their sex life. Other gods and goddess, like Zeus, also partook in an array of sexual acts, acting upon them when he wished. Many Ancient Greeks even explored their sexuality with the same sex.
Although I’m not saying that you should jump on every sexual desire you get, but don’t judge those who do. This idea of sex is wrong and women should be victimized and mistreated when they do have sex, is an idea of the Christian church.

(I don’t mean to insult anyone, these are just my personal opinions.)

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2 Responses to “sex and the Ancient Greeks”

  1.   jk25 Says:

    I agree with the notion that society does categorize males and females differently and it is not fair to females. As a male myself I never understood how the worlds of males and females could be so far apart. Females should have the right to date whoever she wants and engage in any physical activity she desires, without being judged for it. It is her body and she shouldn’t automatically be considered a slut because of her desire to have sex. I am not one to quickly judge others and I feel like society has trained people to do so. Its ironic that the Christian church would have such thoughts abou women having sex, and yet mythology shows us that God built this world on the man have a woman counterpart in order to have sexual relations and starting the population of the world.

  2.   gvassaliko Says:

    society definitly categorizes males and females differently but it is all about rising up and believing your own personal potential in the world we live in today!

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