cool garbage!

November 12, 2010

Hate throwing out your garbage in ugly garbage bags? Care what the neighbors will think of those hideous Hefty bags? Now you won’t have to worry, Louis Vuitton has created a line of designer garbage bags for disposing your waste… in style!

Glad and Hefty are soooo last year. Who wants a black garbage bag with strings? So lame…

There are hardly any useful uses for a Hefty bag besides throwing out the trash. And we’ve all seen those idiots wearing garbage bags as clothes. They look..well… like idiots!

But with Louis Vuitton’s new line of garbage bags coming out this Spring, one can throw out… and wear… their garbage in style! Starting at only $49.99 a bag, these garbage bags make the mundane task of taking out the garbage, into a cool and trendy hobby anyone can enjoy! And now the neighbors won’t talk garbage about your garbage!! Nobody has nothing on you because you’re the cool guy in town with the designer garbage bags!

garbage with style.. that’s cool!

Think about how awesome you’ll be with this outside your doorstep:!

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5 Responses to “cool garbage!”

  1.   jk25 Says:

    Nice looking garbage bag, but 50 dollars a bag is pretty steep. I’d like to know the western influence behind your advertisement, if there is one. Your focus on style and comparing people who have the product as superior or in this case more stylish symbolizes the focus of most advertisements. The companies want to make you think that your not better off unless you purchase their product and use it. Of course all they care about is the consuming part and once the customer buys it, they could care less if it ends up in the garbage or not.

  2.   nvargas101 Says:

    Now a days people would spend way more just for a nice looking garbage bag! its ridiculous what a name brand could do!

  3.   gvassaliko Says:

    i want that garbage bag…I dont care if its $50! Just kidding, interesting picture!

  4.   Stormy Says:

    It’s imepatrive that more people make this exact point.

  5.   orvuwuta Says:

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