Goals, challenges and all that jazz

November 19, 2010

Well, I honestly don’t have any specific goals for the end of this semester. I generally want to get my CLIQ over with and I have two more to go. I also really want to get the classes that I want for the Spring 2011 semester. I’m really looking forward to working with some of the professors I have chosen.
My goals for this class, however, are a little narrower. I’m really looking forward to finally piecing my project together. I have all this juicy information and inside my head I have planned out what my pamphlets are going to look like. And I’m super excited to speak with the seniors and see how I’ve helped them out so far. I also want to get that final out of the way. I did really well on the midterm, so I feel pretty confident about the final, although, truthfully, I do have some doubts in the pit of my stomach. I’m a last minute study-er, and well, a final is a final so even with all the studying in the world, I’m still nervous.
As weird as it may sound, I wish that we learned a little more about the more remote Pacific Islands like Easter Island and Christmas Island. I’m a bit of a nerd at heart and I have this thing with Google-ing random stuff or browsing through Wikipedia when I’m bored at work. I wish we could have taken a closer look at these places because they often-times go unnoticed. Most people haven’t even heard of these island-nation territories. I’m a geography buff and reading about the literature, I feel, reflects a lot about the land, so I would have liked to see that.
But all in all, I’m satisfied with myself and the class. Maybe I could work a little harder at getting my final project done faster; that would be my main concern.

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3 Responses to “Goals, challenges and all that jazz”

  1.   jk25 Says:

    As a transfer student, I was not required to do the CLIQ point events, but I would definitely get them over with if I were you. I hope your dealing with the new CunyFirst system well as we approach registration. I also tend to google things that I hear but have no idea what they are about. The Internet is such a great resource and we should start using it for the good it possesses; not just for social networking. I look forward to seeing your presentation of the final project to know how things turned out with the MTA.

  2.   nvargas101 Says:

    Well i hope all your goals were acomplished! those CLIQ points seem to be a pain..

  3.   gvassaliko Says:

    i hope you achieved all your goals! Finish strong!

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