map poetry

December 5, 2010

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3 Responses to “map poetry”

  1.   jk25 Says:

    I really like how you gave a start and finish to your map. The locations you chose really differ and I’m wondering if you chose the path you did for any specific reasons. I think there is such a wide range in poetry that even images can be portrayed as the definition of a poem expressing emotion and a theme to widespread audience.

  2.   jk25 Says:

    Looking at your post again, it brought to mind a moment in this semester where you wrote somewhere on your blog that you love to travel. Maybe this map is the journey of the author’s past, ending with the place your family originates from and one of the most beautiful countries there is: Greece. Of course I am being biased as a Greek-American myself.

  3.   gvassaliko Says:

    I loved this montage. I would haver liked to know the meaning behind each placement but that is what art is all about.

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