Workshop Assignment 1

September 7, 2010

Many of you probably haven’t heard of Malona. A few years ago, it was one of the most up and coming cities in Europe. Economists predicted that it would become the next Milan or even London. The city was flourishing with new buildings and monuments and the Malonites were famous for their delicious cuisine, which was becoming more popular day by day. But the one thing that they were most famous for was their cars.        Malona exported some of the most beautiful and durable automobiles known to man. Their car-making technology must have been at least twenty years ahead of time; they could go from zero to sixty miles per hour in under five seconds. In other words, Malona cars were ridiculously fast. But one day, a huge fire tore across Malona, burning most of the city, including their pride and joy, the factory district, where all the automobile factories were located. Everything was destroyed, and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. Suddenly, the city found itself in the midst of the recession that was sweeping across Europe. This once affluent city was taking a plunge head first into poverty and there wasn’t much that they could do about it. A city that was once known for its’ cars was now so poor, that even the residence couldn’t afford to keep their own. Soon enough, the all the Malonites had to resort to riding bicycles to get around. All the Malonites, except for one; Cornelius Cornwallis.

Cornelius was a bit of an odd child. He always did things differently, but that seemed to work for him. Growing up, he was stricken with a rare type of nipple cancer. The only way for him to live, was for the doctors to chop of his left nipple. The rest of the neighborhood kids would tease him and wouldn’t want to hang out with him. Lonely and frustrated, Cornelius decided that he was going to embrace his uniqueness. He hated being a part of society since society always mocked him, so he put all of his energy into learning how to ride a unicycle.

Cornelius became very good at his new skill; he could ride his unicycle faster than anyone who rode a bike. He decided that he was going to put his new talent to good use and began riding around to neighboring cities selling nipple rings. At first he did this for recreation, but in no time, more and more people began hearing about Cornelius’ nipple rings and everyone wanted one. They were so intricately designed; staying true to his Malonian roots, Cornelius used nothing but the best materials and of course, the rings were virtually indestructible.

Soon, Cornelius found himself riding his unicycle all over Europe in record speed to supply his new line of rings to the trendy people in other cities. Cornelius made so much money off of his new business that he became a millionaire practically overnight. But he still couldn’t help but feel terrible for his fellow Malonites that he left behind in poverty, so he donated most of his money from his business to rebuilding the factories so that the Malonites could have jobs again. Very pleased, the Malonites thanked Cornelius by naming him Teen Bop Magazine’s Man of the Year. And of course, Cornelius was also very pleased that he had saved the city of Malona.


September 3, 2010

Hello, my  name is Sevasti Giamaras. I’m an English major and I look foward to becoming a stewardess. I try to enroll myself in English classes that study literature from other countries, like Modern Protest Literature of the Pacific, so that I can become more knowledgable with the cultures of other countries. I’ve studied Irish, Russian, German and Greek just to name a few of the cultures and languages that I’ve become familiar with. I’m 19 years old. I’m a sagittarius. I love my plants and my goldfish. I enjoy traveling a lot and I’ve been to many different places including Turkey, Italy and Texas. (What can I say, I’m addicted to the thrill of traveling- packing my suitcase, purchasing tickets, being at the airport, the whole shebang!) I hope that being in this class is another opportunity to learn about a different culture and add to my list.

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